20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India

Hey, Do you want to start a business but don’t have any Idea and capital to invest in, then in this article I will suggest to you 20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India. From these top 20 best business ideas you do not need any investment, but you will still get great returns.

20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India

If you are searching to find What business can I start with zero money? What are the most successful small businesses in India? and What are the startup business ideas with 0 Rs. investment in India? then you will get answers to these questions in this article, so make sure you read the article carefully.

First of all, let's talk about What are zero investment business ideas? and What business can I start with no money in India? 

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What are zero investment business ideas?

By zero investment business ideas, I don’t mean that you’ll not require any investment. But you can minimize that thing as much as you can by making good use of the content or resources available online and your skills.

If you’re from those who believe in taking action rather than just reading or listening then you can check the list of 20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India.

But there are some Online Business Ideas With Zero Investment. You’ll need a computer and Internet connection to start an online business without any investment.

20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India

This is the list of 20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India, This list will contain both Online and Offline Business Ideas, Which you can start with zero money?

Online Business Ideas With Zero Investment

1. Affiliate Marketing: Nowadays Affiliate marketing is one of the trendings ways to make money online by zero investment in India. Because many companies are now using affiliate marketing programs to promote their businesses. Some of the best Affiliate Marketing examples are- Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate.

In Affiliate Marketing you promote a product and when someone buys that product from your affiliate link then you will get the commission of it. As the commission rates decided by the company. On most of the websites, you can earn up to 4% to 20% commission on each product you promote.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn online money without investment, especially for students and housewives who want to utilize their free time to make some money online.

2. Vlogging: As per the market analysis Vlogging is one the most trending and booming businesses when it comes to making money online, this is a business idea that has gained a lot of attention with the rise of 4G and 5G technology.

You can start Vlogging according to your interest and skills, for example- you are good at cooking then you can make your videos and post them on YouTube and make money from them. A very familiar and trending niche in vlogging industry is Food Vlogging.

3. Blogging: Blogging is very similar to vlogging in blogging, if you are good at something and have an interest in writing then you can start your blog and make money from advertisement revenue. Blogging is a business that you can start with zero money or less money.

4. Online Marketplace: If you are a person who makes some goods or products such as snacks, pickles, handicraft products, or something else then you can promote them on the online marketplace.

There are many Marketplace available online like- Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart Marketplace where you can list and sell your products online.

5. Insurance Agency: Starting an Insurance Agency is a business which you can start with zero money. And you can perform this offline as well as online.

First, you have to approach an authorized insurance company in India to get its agency. Second, you need to sell its insurance schemes and collect premiums on behalf of the company and remit the money online. In this business, your sales and marketing skills will play a crucial role.

6. Recruitment agency: The Business model of Recruitment agencies is very simple, here you connect with corporates and provide talented & skilled persons to them, which they are looking for and charge a fee.

If you have a good network along with flawless communication skills, then you can open a recruitment agency and tie up with the corporates of mid and small-sized companies and supply manpower.

7. Yoga Instructor: Nowadays people are becoming health conscious whether we discuss mental or physical health. People are trying to get rid of their hectic life schedules and live a peaceful and cheerful life.

Many people do yoga and meditation for mental health, so it is a great opportunity for us to make money as yoga instructors. Make Money Online As A Yoga Instructor [Step-By-Step Guide].

8. Freelancing: In Freelancing, you sell your skill to those people who need your work. For example- you are good at content writing then you can write content for other people and charge them accordingly.

You can start Freelancing depending on what skills do you have, and if you don't have any skills first get some skills the sell your services online, and make money from that.

Best Websites that provide Freelancing Jobs:

1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. Freelancer
4. PeopleperHour
5. Truelancer

9. Resume Writing: Resume Writing is one of the best ways to make a part-time income. Because Most job applicants don’t know how to write a perfect resume that can get them a call to interview.

An employer or company asks for a CV, Resume, or Bio-Data depending upon the type of employees they want. Most fresher candidates aren’t aware of writing these documents. And even experienced job seekers can’t create an amazing resume.

10. Computerized Horoscopes: As an Indian, I know how much we are influenced by our ancient traditions, and one of them is horoscopes. Still, many people use horoscopes at every decision point such as career decisions, marriage, buying a house, etc.

In fact, most Indians take horoscopes from different sources. So this is an evergreen business idea without investment that never goes out of demand. You can download free horoscopes script or software online or invest a small amount of money to buy a customizable one.

Offline Business Ideas With Zero Investment

11. Real Estate Broker: By looking at the development growth of India we can say that real estate is a business that will remain trending. It is not a new business it’s been on for decades.

By this business, you can provide the empty land area or rent apartments to the clients and charge some amount of commission on that, as we know that in some metropolitan cities like-Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore people are searching for rented apartments every day so there’s a huge demand for rental accommodations.

You can provide the desired thing that a customer wants by tying up with property owners and other estate agencies.

12. Cleaning services: As we discussed the problems of finding a rented apartment, the same conditions are applied to the Domestic workers, they are also very hard to rely on for efficient cleaning.

That's why people are looking for cleaning services for their homes and offices. And the demand for cleaning services or cleaning workers is comparatively high during the festive season.

So you can start your own cleaning agency for that all you need to do is hire some laborers when you get a project. It may require a small investment for buying a few tools like a broom, mops, etc., and complete the project and earn money by selling Cleaning services.

13. Dance or music classes: As well know that children, as well as elders, all are very fond of dance or music and many of them want to pursue it as their hobbies. So they invest money in various classes for it.

So, If you have good dancing or singing skills in either of the two, or both, then you can consider starting a dance or music class, as per your interest. The investment is very low in this business but you will get good returns if it gains good popularity.

14. Graphic designing: As the digital trend is growing rapidly businesses of all types, individuals, and families, as well as printing presses, require graphic designers. People who are very creative and are willing to materialize their skills. Then Graphic design is one such field where your creativity creates something special.

Many organizations look for people who can design business logos, visiting cards, wedding cards, templates, etc for them. For graphic designing software, you will require your creativity, laptop/desktop to start this business.

15. Marriage Bureau: In India, there are many people who still don't trust online matrimonial sites. They usually prefer offline bureaus that are community-specific for their marriages.

So If you have a large social circle, then you can start a marriage bureau with zero investment. All you need to do is to arrange meetings between the bride and groom’s family according to their demands. And charge fees according to your efforts.

16. Child-care centers: In urban cities, we can see that both parents are working, so there is no one who can take care of their child so they usually look for trustable child-care centers.

If you love children and playing with them, then you can consider opening a small day-care center or child-care center at your home. For the success of this business, you have to focus on Love, care, and proper hygiene. All you need is a few toys for the kids to play with.

17. Home-Tutor: In today's world everyone is competing with each other. Similarly in the race of Education, many people want a tutor to come to their place and teach their kids with personal attention.

So, If you are specialized or have good knowledge in any subject like Maths or Science and can handle on the higher classes, then you can start a home-tutor business. If you are looking good opportunity then this could be the best fit for you as per your skillset.

18. Repacking Services: Repacking is a service that involves three main processes. That’s unpacking a large crate or box, checking the items for any physical damage, and repacking the item into other boxes or packets for sale or dispatch.

You can start your repacking services business with minimum investment. You can also provide workers for shifting of rooms and some other packing and moving operations. Once you set up your business then after some time it will definitely generate passive income for you.

19. Manicure & Pedicure: Now I am going to share shocking data with all of you that Indian men are also now large customers for manicures and pedicures of their nails. Generally, regardless of whether you’re a woman or man, a manicure and pedicure business is something that you can do with almost zero investment.

The only investment which you have to do in this business is on the gears. We all know that there’s a high demand for manicures and pedicures and other services during wedding season and some other special occasions like- karwachauth, etc.

20. Vastu Consultant: As an Indian, I know how much we are influenced by our ancient traditions, and one of them is horoscopes. Still, many people use horoscopes at every decision point such as career decisions, marriage, buying a house, etc.

If you have good knowledge about Vaastu, then you can turn it into a Vaastu consultant. If your tips and tricks do the work for the people, you will become famous and gain name or fame in very less time.


These are some 20 Best Business Ideas With Zero Investment In India that might encourage you to become an entrepreneur. The main advantage of these businesses is that You can start them with zero money.

At last, I want to say that if you have a skill and you are passionate about it. Then with the help of different resources and technologies, you can turn it into your business.

All these ideas are the most profitable businesses ideas in India with low investment. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and colleagues, So that they can also start a business with zero money.


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